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February News

Since early last fall we have been experiencing several no-shows in our schedules. We completely understand life happens. We get busy and forget things. We hope the text reminder system helps alleviate this. The last-minute gaps that these no-shows create in our schedule are extremely difficult. Not only have we turned other people away that would have liked to have an appointment. But we do not get paid hourly. We are only paid if we have clients.

We have decided to institute a no-show policy. The first one will be a warning. The second one we will reserve the right to charge for the service missed; before scheduling your next appointment.

We completely understand life emergencies. Those do not count towards this.

When you do cancel if you could call the salon, that would be great. 989-731-3536. If possible we would like 72 hours for cancelations. We understand that is not always possible. But that allows us time to fill the spot.

We love and cherish our time with you. We just ask you to value our time also. 

Spring Break.....

Sun, Fun, and Pictures

 Spring break is not far away. Is your hair ready? Is your hair ready for all the great pictures you will be taking? Is it time for some fresh blonde, or time to create more dimension? One of our designers can help create the look you want. Don't wait to long to book your appointment. Call now and mark one more thing off of your to do list.

Paul Mitchell Fall Trend 2022

Our fall hair show was a fun day. We are definitely seeing what once was is again. Everything from the 70's to the 90's in fashion and hair. We spent the day refreshing our skills with the latest from Italy, Australia, and America. The shag has made its way back. As well as an undercut bob and block color. What does this mean? It still means we can take any look and fit it into your hair and lifestyle. How about a disconnected pixie bob? Or some bold tones of different shades all melting together to create an amazing look just for you.


Happy 27th Anniversary Styleworks 

 It seems amazing that my journey began 27 years ago. In October of 1995, I took a leap of faith and opened Styleworks Hair Studio. Our first location was in the plaza by the Holiday gas station. Our neighbors were Show Biz Family Video and Tcby Frozen Yogurt. We began by offering hair and nail services, and after a few years, we added tanning beds. We were in that location for six years. At that point, life had changed a little. I was pregnant and had two stepdaughters at home. It was time to scale down for a few years. Styleworks moved to a small location on Old 27 South for three years. This location worked out great for a little bit while my family grew. But it still wasn't what I was looking for. Originally, I wanted to create a salon environment that was comfortable for our guests. And also, a career that a stylist would be proud to come to work and be able to support a family. A place where we support each other. We work together as a team. Treat each other with respect and love and our customers the same.

Styleworks then moved downtown next to the Pavillion. It was fun to be downtown. We added more stylists and had a very pleasant atmosphere. After seven years there, I was offered an opportunity to buy the current building we are in. One more salon remodel for my husband and dad. They were responsible for helping me create each location Styleworks was at. I cannot thank them enough. And I promised my dad I would never move the business again. In 2010 we began at this location. I had grand ideas of several stylists, being open lots of hours, trying to create a hyped-up super fun environment. After a couple of years of that. It was apparent that was not the environment I was chasing. Reminding myself of the original dream I wanted to create for myself, the stylist, and our customers. We changed direction. It was a huge blessing to slim our staff down. We fell right into place with Tracy and Kayla. We have successfully created a team environment. We look forward to spending our days together. We help each other out and truly are family. In return, we can create a relaxing environment for our guests. No drama, just pleasant, and relaxing. Making you our only focus. Here we are twelve years later. And we hope you enjoy coming here as much as we do. There is a long list of people for me to thank throughout the years. My family has always been very supportive. Tracy and Kayla for helping create a vision and see it through. Some of you have been with me from the beginning. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to be part of your lives for that long. You are truly family too. And that is the journey of Styleworks

Blonde Domination....

 What color says summer? Why blonde of course. And all the many flavors of blonde. The latest trends are warming towards a beautiful golden blonde. What is your favorite tone? Make an appointment with one of our color design experts to decide which tone you will love. you the best.

Take Control With GK Hair

How would you like to have better control of your hair? We have what you're looking for. GK Hair has revolutionized smoothing hair. Fortified with Juvexin protein, you can have smooth soft hair that is healthy. GK does not contain formaldehyde. It will truly leave your hair in better condition than when you started. Cut your drying time in half and have the hair you have always wanted. GK Hair offers three different systems:

Fast - Temporary lasts 8 - 14 shampoos, for all hair types

Best - Last 3 - 5 months, for all hair types

Miami Blonde Bombshell - For fragile hair, last 3 - 5 months