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September News

Happy Anniversary Tracy

How lucky are we to have had the pleasure of having Tracy in our lives for 9 years? She is such a blessing, a hard worker, and a valuable part of our work family. Time flies when you're having fun. Thank you for all you do and who you are.

 Love Your Hair Again

Did your hair love summer as much as you did? The answer is probably no. It is time to make you love your hair again.

With our in-salon Kera-Triplex we can reduce breakage by 80%. Your hair will be 82% softer and more manageable.

KeraTriplex® Treatment transforms weak, broken, and brittle strands into pillars of strength and protects hair from further damage.

Step one of the KeraTriplex® 2-step Repair Treatment, a single-shot ampoule of isolated proteins, is virtually identical to the keratin found in human hair.

Step two is Awapuhi Intensive treatment for 20 minutes.

KeraTriplex® Intensive rebuilds and repairs to transform lackluster hair, while awapuhi extract replenishes every strand with intense moisture and shine.

Add this to any service for $30.00 for come in and enjoy all by it's self for $30.00 plus a style. 


Blonde Domination....

 What color says summer? Why blonde of course. And all the many flavors of blonde. The latest trends are warming towards a beautiful golden blonde. What is your favorite tone? Make an appointment with one of our color design experts to decide which tone you will love. you the best.

Take Control With GK Hair

How would you like to have better control of your hair? We have what you're looking for. GK Hair has revolutionized smoothing hair. Fortified with Juvexin protein, you can have smooth soft hair that is healthy. GK does not contain formaldehyde. It will truly leave your hair in better condition than when you started. Cut your drying time in half and have the hair you have always wanted. GK Hair offers three different systems:

Fast - Temporary lasts 8 - 14 shampoos, for all hair types

Best - Last 3 - 5 months, for all hair types

Miami Blonde Bombshell - For fragile hair, last 3 - 5 months